We’re currently recruiting everything.

TranslatorsTranslators translate things from Japanese to English or Chinese to English. Please note that both Kuzu no Honkai and Levius do not have furigana for their kanji.

ProofreadersProofreaders double check for spelling and word flow before the script goes into the manga. Native English is a requirement. We prefer to have scripts that sound right and keep the reader in the story, even if it makes the translation looser. Japanese is largely a language of implied behaviors anyway, and we’d like to communicate that to our readers properly.

Cleaners: Cleaners make the scanned manga look good. They have to make the blacks black and the whites white, clear “noise” and “dust” out, as well as remove Japanese text. This is done in Photoshop.

Typesetter: Typesetters put the English text into the cleaned scans.

If you’re interested in helping out, please visit us on our IRC channel, [email protected] Or, visit us on discord at this link: