We’re not dead

I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately about the state of our alive-ness, and while we might be pretty damn close to death, we’re still treading water. In other news, Mei survived not only a car accident, but also her first year of college, woohoo! We’re picking up a side story for Date Ningen, and dropping Amatsuki, leaving it up to EG Scans (they’re probably way faster than us anyway). Expect more releases from here on out (as Mei isn’t dying from either accidents or finals), and we’re still recruiting as always!

Kagerou DJ Chapter 3
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One thought on “We’re not dead

  • Oh my gosh thank you guys for Kagerou Doujinshi. I love the doujin and this couple so so much. Thanks a lot. Hope you guys best of luck in life, too

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