Romantica Clock Chapter 10

WOW this chapter was really good. It’s totally worth the wait, I promise. The commentary at the end really hit home with me; even though this manga has such simple issues, the things it points out can be applied to everything. Please, if you’re reading this manga off MangaHere or MangaFox, please stop by our own Moustache Reader, it really has incredible quality~!

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Note: If you read it before January 29, 8am PST, or if you’re reading it on manga here, you’re reading the hella messed up version (maa bad)

10 thoughts on “Romantica Clock Chapter 10

  • OMG! OMG! This chapter was so full of emotions!! <333
    And you guys finally came back with my favorite manga!! <33
    Shin-chan is so cute and sweet *^*
    But how can I ship so badly those two together? Even though I really do love Akane and Aoi together *—*
    This chapter was so cute and sweet *^*
    Aoi probably has some secret fellings toward his twin? <33
    Omg that would be just too much for my heart! *o*
    THANK YOOU beautiful people! I REALLY have no words of gratitude for your amazing translations skills!! *^*
    Please keep going it!! I really DO LOVE this manga and I just want to keep reading until the very end!! *^*
    Can't wait until the next chapter!!! *^*

  • Gosh!! After waiting for so long my favorite manga has just came back!! <33
    Thaaank you so much for this chapter guys!! I just really enjoy reading this manga! Thanks to you guys I'm able to read it!!
    I'm ETERNALLY grateful for your existence Moustache Scans!! *w*
    You guys just made this heart of mine really happy!! Thank you!!

  • AMAZING translation skills! BEYOND PERFECTION! HIGH quality!!
    Thnak you so so so so so much for translating my precious manga!!
    You guys are the best of the best!!
    Keep going it!! :DD

  • Thanks for this chapter guys! I really love the story and these twins! They are just so beautiful *——* This is my favorite manga of this scan and I hope you guys can keep going it 🙂

  • Heeeeh ~ this chapter just made me think that Aoi really do have some hidden feelings for Akane… well I don’t really mind because to me, love has no boundary. I just want everyone to be happy and that’s enough for me. So that’s why Aoi just asked those serious questions to Shin-chan? huh .o. Because from my point of view, Aoi really did showed a serious importance of it . So this is really getting interesting ~( ̄▽ ̄~)
    Thank you mina-san! Just waiting for the next chapter to come out! s2

  • Hello guys! Thank you for the new chapter of Romantica clock! Now we’ll see the love of our heroine ;)) This story is getting really interesting! Again, thank you for translating this manga! Keep going it Moustache scans!

  • Yay!!! Thank you so much for this new chapter!!! Romantica Clock is my favourite project from your group so I´m really grateful for this!!! I´m already excited for the next chapter, hope it will follow soon!! :3

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