Levius Chapter 4

Do I need a second rehash for “we’re not dead”? Anyways, please enjoy the chapter! A few things to note: we’ve changed our naming scheme to better match those possibly downloading from madokami or other scanlation groups, and I’ll be slowly working through all the old links to modify them too. We’ll also be picking […]

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Warabe no Kusa 2

We’re picking up a short side story manga to Date Ningen, called Warabe no Kusa. Please enjoy, and as always, we’re recruiting (we seriously need it more than ever guys). Mega | Mediafire

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We’re not dead

I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately about the state of our alive-ness, and while we might be pretty damn close to death, we’re still treading water. In other news, Mei survived not only a car accident, but also her first year of college, woohoo! We’re picking up a side story for Date Ningen, […]

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Romantica Clock Chapter 10

WOW this chapter was really good. It’s totally worth the wait, I promise. The commentary at the end really hit home with me; even though this manga has such simple issues, the things it points out can be applied to everything. Please, if you’re reading this manga off MangaHere or MangaFox, please stop by our […]

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Kagerou Daze 28

After many months of trekking through the mountains… and fighting for our lives… and searching and searching for signs of civilization in the deep wilderness (!!) we finally bring you Kagerou Daze chapter 28. Please do enjoy, and don’t die getting there. MS Reader | Mega | Mediafire

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